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The underlying objective of Customer care carried out within Alternative Windows will continue to be aimed at maintaining an environment in which everyone employed and associated with the Company perceives themselves as purveyors of quality within Customer relationships. In achieving the above we recognise that quality contact is important at every stage from initial enquiry through pre-sales advice to aftercare.
When customers telephone or make personal contact, they expect a reasonably prompt response hence the importance to identify critical processes and to ensure that they carry time standards that will ensure that calls and enquiries are handled efficiently.

Customer files will be maintained so that full Customer details are available to staff who handle enquiries. Processes will continue to operate for routing enquiries to the right contact or offering to call the Customer back if the right contact is not available.

Customer will be kept informed on progress at all times to help reassure where necessary, that actions are being undertaken and to demonstrate high levels of Customer care. Time standards will be maintained for different activities, i.e. requests for quotations etc.Customer complaints will be used to measure the continuing health of the Customer care programme and to highlight areas for improvement.

However, no complaints does not necessarily mean satisfied Customers, it may only mean that regular customers, such as builders etc. are busy trying to establish alternate sources of supply, therefore various approaches will be undertaken at pre-determined intervals to find out what pleases/annoys customers.

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