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So exactly what are Energy Efficient Windows?
They are windows that help to contain and conserve heat within the home keeping out wind and rain, resisting condensation and yet allowing natural “free” energy - the warmth of the sun - to heat the home.

Energy Efficient Windows are easy to recognize - simply look for the BFRC Label.

Our Standard window is ‘C’ rated which is currently accepted as the standard most suitable for general energy efficient use. The only difference between an ‘A’ rated window and a ‘C’ rated window is that the double glazed unit used in an ‘A’ rated window has a warm edge seal which gives a better thermal value.

Warm edge technology
Rather than a cold metal spacer frame, our sealed units use a modern composite polymer material, which is up to 950 times less conductive than aluminum. The simple laws of physics state that by taking away this conductive material, the heat loss at the edge of the glass is hugely reduced.

Argon Filled
The inner ‘cavity’ of a standard sealed unit, contrary to popular belief is not a vacuum. It’s just filled with dry air. Now as it happens, air itself is a very good insulator, but it’s not as good as Argon gas. By removing the air from the cavity and replacing it with argon, an extra barrier to heat loss is created.

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