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100% Lead Free Window from Liniar.

All Liniar frames and ancillary profiles are manufactured “100% Lead Free” by using a calcium zinc stabiliser.

Improved Thermal Efficiency.

The highest WER “A” rating for thermal efficiency is achievable with the appropriate glazed unit.

Improved Weather Performance.

The Liniar System was designed specifically as a pre-gasketted system featuring a unique double action bubble gasket on all frames. No corner cleaning of the gasket or the inner rebate is required, hence there is no damage to the gasket; thus creating an improved performance compared to other pre-gasketted systems and the standard gasket.(Patent UK0802551.2)

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Security. (cost saving )

The enclosed screw retaining pocket within both outer and sash frames, significantly reduces the use of reinforcement and increases screw retention, thus improving security and thermal efficiency and in turn the “carbon footprint”.

It makes the system quicker and cheaper to manufacture and easier to recycle.


The Liniar System’s other main benefit points

Hollow “J” bead system for ease of glazing is available in both the sculptured and the putty line (bevelled) options.
Symmetrical drainage for the rebate and bead areas on all profiles.
Identical bead and rebate detail, ideal for internal glazing.
165mm flush fitting clip-on cill, in addition to the standard range.
Low thresholds available in “Part M” compliant and standard format, both with shoot bolt facility. No end milling for door jambs required when using the connector moulding. Reg. Des UK4006283.
22m backset hardware for both internally and externally beaded sash windows, including night vent facility.
Equal frame cover on both faces of the door sash.
Comprehensive range of ancillary products.
System available in white, rosewood and oak finishes along with foiled on white options.
The Liniar window and door system has all the necessary accreditations along with Secure by Design.


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