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Alternative Windows will ensure through ongoing performance review, evaluation and consultation with interested parties, the determination and setting of future Company quality objectives which will continue to reflect the future visions, strategies and policies of the Company, i.e.

Striving to ensure the continuing supply and/or /installation of products in accordance with Customer requirements at the right time and at the right price.

Effectively engendering a culture of quality awareness and vigilance in all our employees.

Providing interested parties, detail of information in respect to our internal performance and that of satisfying Customer needs and requirements and measuring the effectiveness of the achievement of the same, through formal management review in order to identify various opportunities and needs for continual improvement.

Planning project processing i.e. procurement of products, manufacture, installation etc. to ensure the ongoing achievement of Customer satisfaction i.e. needs and expectations.

Effectively maintaining our premises, plant and equipment and improving working practice as and when new technology becomes effectively available.

The ongoing evaluation and review of product generated information, particularly that relating to Customer order processing in order to again identify opportunities and needs for continual improvement.

Determining of Employee knowledge and ability requirements, through business development, ongoing management review and the provision of appropriate training as maybe identified.

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